15 Common Sales Interview Questions Every Bdr Should Know How To Answer

It shows that they are interested in the position you may offer them. The reason for leaving the previous company can indicate what your candidate is seeking from the new employer. Answers given by your candidate here can lead you to the next SDR interview question. That being said, an SDR’s day-to-day involves a lot of repetitive tasks in pursuit of a higher objective. Coachability is critical for sales development reps. Observe how well the candidate incorporates your feedback into their second attempt.

  • When on average 45% of revenues are sourced by the SDR team, it is not surprising that 1/3 of sales leaders say their biggest challenge is recruiting for their SDR roles.
  • The recruiter will evaluate the amount of preparation you’ve done, so you want to ask well-planned questions relevant to the job or company.
  • The interviewee showcases their values for hard work and personal development.
  • This is a classic interview question asked in almost every interview.
  • Receiving the news that you’ve landed a phone interview is likely to bring forth plenty of…

In an SDR position, you generate demand in your solutions by being the subject matter expert. When a prospect has concerns about your offering or is not sure how this will be a solution they can leverage, they will start throwing out objections. Your job is to shift the confidence from you back to your prospect.

The candidate clearly understands the sales process and relationship building, and connects their advice to a specific experience. Any candidate entering a sales interview should have some idea about what they’re selling, its competition and its benefits. If they didn’t do a little digging beforehand, they may not be the right fit for your team.

Simply because as an SDR, you will constantly be receiving feedback from your team leaders. I really like the culture and working environment at Qualtrics after seeing their reviews and news online. However, do expect the HR personnel and hiring manager to delay your interview process for at least a month and not giving you even a simple rejection. However, the one-stage interview was casual and straight to the point.

There’s not necessarily a wrong answer as long as the interviewee gives an honest answer that shows growth through experience. The candidate takes care to address each stage of the sales cycle and their role in advancing the customer journey. The candidate connects their needs to the role they’re interviewing for. The interviewee showcases their values for hard work and personal development. The candidate talks poorly of their current position or teammates. Illustrate how the role and opportunities for growth within the company dovetail with your long-term plan.

I Read On Your Site That Your Company Values ____ Here How Do You Encourage Its Existence?

But sometimes it’s a lukewarm lead if the prospect has already filled out a leap capture form online. It’s a cold call if there’s already a backlog of semi-qualified leads. Either way, the ultimate goal of an SDR isn’t to close the deal but to shepherd prospects through the sales pipeline. The key to nailing this question is to relate every skill that you list back to yourself. For example, you could say that a good salesperson needs strong communication and time management skills.

sales development representative interview questions

They know it’s a good time to impress and connect with the interviewer. “Tracking activity metrics is hugely important to ensuring an efficient and productive workload across your team, while providing predictions for sales growth by the end of the month. Share actionable ways they’ve kept in touch with industry trends or a business’s news, but not both.

Cut through the noise and dive deep on a specific topic with one of our curated content hubs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to define an industry term or an expert seeking strategic advice, there’s an article for everyone. Demonstrates candidates’ ability to cope and work under pressure. Don’t make your decision until you read our guide to creating a successful partnership for growth.

Discuss criteria for qualified leads and lead qualification strategies. Interviewers want to gauge your familiarity with the product and the company as a whole. Your response should convey why you want to work with this specific organization. Emphasize that you understand your deliverables—namely, to drive high-quality leads into the sales pipeline. When discussing your recovery strategies, show the interviewer that you can bounce back from rejection quickly.

Tell Me About Your Current Or Most Recent Team

In the UK, for instance, I’ve heard of people giving 2-3 months notice. They don’t need to know everything about each role; they’ll just want to hear the skills that you learned that will help you excel in sales. Many, if not most, sales teams are currently hybrid or fully remote. And what we’re hearing is that the majority will continue to operate at least in a hybrid environment for the foreseeable future.

A breath of fresh air when compared to many other interview processes. Makes it difficult to prepare for since you aren’t used to the type of questions being asked. Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a sales development representative job description. So what should you be asking when interviewing your next sales development representative? We inquired feedback from some of the industry’s top experts and here is what they had to say.

Sales Development Representative Interview Questions To Ask The Employer

Look for an understanding of why the research matters—what it uncovers, and why that’s important to the ultimate objective (landing a long-term client). A good candidate may mention they adjust their approach to each situation. Strong candidates might display some creativity and enthusiasm in their pitch. Whether your organization uses a sales script or not, it’s good to check if a candidate naturally gravitates to emotionally-charged words that will strike a chord with buyers.

sales development representative interview questions

If you are interviewing with other companies, if you aren’t, if you got a verbal offer, if you haven’t completed interviews yet — just be honest. “Before I jump into my work day, it’s important that I take care of myself first. Instead of rolling out of bed and opening my laptop, I give myself ample time to get ready for the day, do something I enjoy , and set intentions for the day. See how VanillaSoft can help you increase sales with a free, personalized demo.

Interviews For Top Jobs At Qualtrics

It is important for employee retention that employees get along with each other and feel comfortable with the company culture. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your strengths and why you are a good fit for your first sales role. Sellers who do things by the book, the same way every time, often lose steam, burn out, or lose effectiveness over time.

How Did You Prepare For This Interview?

If your candidate thoughtfully tells you how they field objections, you can bet they understand the importance of navigating them well. Cold calling and phone prospecting are huge parts of an SDR’s day-to-day — if your candidate doesn’t feel comfortable being on the phone regularly, they might not be right for the job. This question shows you how serious a candidate is about the job. Plus, it gives you a preview into how they’ll engage and sell prospects on your business.

If the candidate admits they get flustered or frustrated after an extended period of rejection, they’re probably not cut out for the job. Often, there are situations when even the most effective SDR can’t achieve their sales target. It’s important to demonstrate to the recruiter that you don’t get panicked by challenges and can execute plans to turn things around. Your response should cover the importance of proactively monitoring one’s performance and taking actions to fix it. You should also demonstrate the willingness to learn and ask for help when needed. By asking questions you demonstrate initiative, and show that you care enough about the job to have done some research.

It’s also very important to me that I start this new role with a clear mind, lots of energy, and free of distractions in my personal life, so I’d like to ask for a week in-between roles. They want to know you took time to understand the company and the role before the interview. If they see that you’re unprepared for the interview, they’ll assume you’ll be unprepared for sales calls as well.

https://wizardsdev.com/ are designed to evaluate your technical skills, problem-solving skills, soft skills, and behavioral intelligence. Whether they have no experience or years in sales, it’s essential to understand why a person pursues a career in this industry. It can be challenging, and it requires a certain mindset, so what makes people do it? Financial motivation is important, but perhaps they also crave a challenge? You want your future SDR not only to be good at what they do but also enjoy what they’re doing. Whether you’re hiring your very first sales development rep, or have a well-established SDR program, these questions can help you identify the very best prospectors.

Vague answers like “signing up for newsletters” don’t apply their personal experiences or more impressive actionable steps. I was wondering what had changed because she was initially receptive. I researched the industry and business itself and didn’t see any news, so the next time we spoke I focused on building the relationship Sales Development Representative job rather than the sale. I learned a little more about her and connected over our shared favorite TV show. I also found out her personal life was a little hectic, and we agreed to reconnect after a month. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a candidate who loves everything about their job, from cold calling to closing.

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